Laptop Repair Service For HP DELL ASUS Acer Lenovo Motherboard

Laptop Repair Service For HP DELL ASUS Acer Lenovo Motherboard

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Laptop Diagnostic

If your laptop has some problems that you don't know how to fix. Then ship it to us, and we can help tell you what's wrong, how long it will take, and what it will cost you. We can repair or replace any part on your computer/laptop. If you're unsure if you need to have the problem fixed, give us a message, and we can tell you if it's a necessity or a luxury. However, you likely spent a pretty penny on that laptop so you should have it running at 100%. Feel free to message us and ask any questions, we'll be glad to help you!

Before you Order it or Ship it, message us with a picture of the model so that we can expedite the process; message us through email:[email protected] or Skype: live:ausid-us.

Getting Started - Here is how it works.

Step 1: You Ship It

What to Include

If your want to ship a laptop, please don't include the battery and AC adapter.

Make sure to also include a note in the package containing the below information:

Return mailing address.
Order Number.
Any other contact information you wish for us to have.
A description of the problem(s) you are experiencing if it’s not evident.

How to Ship It

Package your laptop well using a shipping box or relevant packaging. If you do not have your original computer box anymore, please use a plain cardboard box with bubble wrap or peanuts is the way to go. The box should be big enough to comfortably fit the laptop and padding. Please contact us to confirm the shipping and declaration before shipping.

Where to Ship It?

Just message us to confirm the issue and return details, and we will give you our shipping address.

Step 2: We Diagnose It

We will run a full diagnostic that matches your indicated problems for a free diagnostic fee. If you choose not to move forward with repairs, you have to cover return shipping.

Note: Payment options can be done with PayPal.

Step 3: We Repair and Return It.

Sit back and relax. Approved repairs are typically completed within 4 to 7 working days and your “good-as-new” computer is promptly shipped back to you. You enjoy an updated and fully functioning repaired computer for less than the price of a new computer.

Refurbish Tech Computers is a full computer repair service. With many years combined experience, our technicians can solve some of the most challenging issues. Our commitment to quality work can only be described as excellence through determination. Your repair cost is half of what most repair companies will charge. Most repairs are done with 5 days from the time we receive your laptop (Unless we have to order replace parts.) 

Excellent computer services, Affordable price. 

Free Diagnostic (Free Estimates)
Battery Replacement (Laptop cannot hold charge)
Liquid Spill Damage
No Power Issue
No Video Display
Fan Replacement (Overheating or noisy fan)
Hard Disk Drive Replacement (Windows Installed)
Keyboard Replacement (Swap out for a new keyboard)
Laptop Screen Replacement (Swap out your cracked screen)
Memory Upgrade (Get more RAM)
Motherboard Repair (Upgrade or Replacement)
Physical Damage (Broken hinges, palmrests, etc.)
Power Jack Repair (Laptop has trouble charging)
Power Supply Repair (Stop random shutdowns)
Re-Install OS / Upgrade (Cures software issues)
SSD Upgrade (Life-changing upgrade)
Virus Removal (Removes malware & spyware)
Wi-Fi Card Repair (Connect to Wi-Fi again)
Windows Password Removals (Remove Forgotten Passwords)
Windows OS Re-Installations (Any OS Version)
Don’t see a price for a service? Don’t hesitate to contact us!


Contact via email message.


You use the "Buy It Now" option for $99.00 - Most of the repair fee should be included if no other parts need to be replaced.
Within 24 hours of your purchase, you will receive instructions on how to ship your system to us for repair.
Once we receive your system, you will be notified.
Diagnostic begins within 1–3 days. One of our trained and skilled technicians will find the cause of your system problem and identify what steps are needed for the repair.
You are then contacted with Diagnostic Results and the price to repair your system and the time frame for the repair to be completed. We will invoice you the cost of the repair at this time. Once we receive your payment, your repairs will be carried out.
Now your system has been repaired and is ready for shipping. At this step, you are given a tracking number, so you can monitor your system as it is being shipped back to you. Remember you may contact us at any time with questions.


After receiving your purchase, you will receive instructions on how to ship your laptop to us for repair. If you do not receive the instructions within 24 hours, then please contact us.


The problem maybe not related to just one issue. In the event that your system has a different problem, we will contact you and notify you of the necessary repairs. If you choose not to continue the repair, then your system will be shipped back (plus any additional return shipping costs).

Please ask any questions before buying.

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